Job Fair Etiquette

Job fairs: your chance to impress a lot of people in a short time.
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The first rule of job fair etiquette is don't turn up naked. Once you've got that sorted, you can start to deal with the finer points of good job fair behavior. A career fair can be one big preliminary interview, so you need to look and act right to make a strong first impression. Get your etiquette wrong and recruiters may not even invite you to apply.

Research the Employers

Job fair employers expect you to be at least a little clued-up on what their companies do. Wandering up to a fair stall for a big company and asking who they are never goes down well -- so do your research. Find out who will be at the job fair and read up a little on what they're all about. After all, one of them could be your dream employer.

Look Professional

Avoid overly casual clothes -- remember, this is your very first impression to a prospective employer. That being said, you also don't need to dress in the dullest grey suit you can find. Add a little color, but keep it sharp. The idea is to come across as fresh, approachable and a little bit memorable, for the right reasons.

Be Upbeat

Grumpy, agressive, timid or sarcastic people don't tend to make a good impression. When you visit a job fair, it's good etiquette to be positive, friendly and upbeat. Politeness includes not interrupting recruiters when they're talking to others. Keep in mind that some of the people working those stalls might only be a year or two older than you; in addition to finding strong candidates for a job, they might also be looking for people they click with on a personal level.

Prepare Questions

You'll come across as impressively proactive if you have some prepared questions on hand for the recruiters. Edinboro University suggests asking questions about the company's recent projects and career track opportunities to project a genuine interest in the business, joining the team and staying for the long term.

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