Job Description of a Multimedia Illustrator with the U.S. Army

A multimedia illustrator creates Army branding using strict graphical guidelines.
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The Army regularly publishes a number of training, reporting and promotional materials, and the artwork design needed to develop these elements falls into the hands of a multimedia illustrator. A multimedia illustrator designs a variety of elements, including advertisements, websites, animations and props for commercial productions. The position is open to anyone on active duty and involves spending a good deal of the workday seated behind a computer using multimedia software and equipment.

Job Duties

    The Army multimedia illustrator creates the computer-generated artwork used in all Army publications and productions. She will oversee all manner of Army visual productions, including the development of graphics and documents for promotional and educational needs, the shooting and editing of photographs and video, the creation of animations for demonstration purposes, and the designing of backdrops and prop for commercials and other film productions. In addition to graphical duties, the multimedia illustrator will also likely be responsible for maintaining the computers and other equipment she uses while designing.

Characteristics and Qualifications

    Because the position involves a great deal of creative development of artwork, the Army multimedia illustrator must be a creative individual who possesses the artistic ability needed to create appealing designs. Attention to detail is also necessary as all artwork must pass strict Army graphic requirements. She must possess the ability to establish quality working relationships, both with the rest of the multimedia team as well as with those departments with whom she collaborates, and strong time management skills will help her complete jobs efficiently and before the deadline.


    An Army multimedia illustrator must complete nine weeks of Basic Training as well as 13 weeks of Advanced Individual Training. She will also need to complete on-the-job instruction and might be required to obtain the Army's Certified Graphic Communications Manager (CGCM) designation, which certifies she has received graphic design training and understands the graphical and printing standards set forth by the Army.

Job Outlook

    Though this position is an entry-level designer position, the Army multimedia illustrator will have the opportunity to advance into supervisory positions and oversee the work of other multimedia professionals. She will also gain valuable skills that can prepare her for a future as a professional graphic designer with government agencies, marketing departments, film production companies, print shops and design firms.

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