Job Description of a Life Coach

The goal of a life coach is to improve lives.
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If you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to do with your life, a life coach splashes water on your face and helps you reach your full potential. Like a consultant -- even though a life coach does not need any accreditation or license to provide services -- many coaches are certified, educated and well-experienced in the field. If you're thinking about becoming a life coach, take a good look at yourself and see if you have what it takes to guide someone through life.

Clearing Clutter

When meeting with a new client, a life coach helps the client to dump all of the excess stuff in her life to make room for positive experiences and accomplishments that are yet to come. While you do not need to be a licensed therapist or social worker to pursue this career, attending life coach workshops or completing a full life coach training certification program can help you better serve your clients.

Providing Structured Support

Even the most successful woman may lack the organization to get to the next level. Guiding isn't the same as hand-holding. As a life coach, you have to guide your client by providing structured support, such as calling up your clients weekly or getting together to talk over a latte every Friday. Through your lifestyle-management services, you'll help your client achieve higher wellness, professional success, find that special someone and more by helping her get through roadblocks in her life.

Exploring New Skills

Like a personal trainer, a life coach has to whip her client into shape by making her sweat. You must help improve your client's skills so she can achieve her goals. Even if you can't cook a lick, as a life coach, you can guide a chef to improve her craft. By speaking to your client and doing research, you can come up with the steps needed to change her life. For example, perhaps, she should take up innovative cooking courses, get a mentor, network, etc. The life coach's job is to help the client get her life in order so she can freely do these things to master her skills.

Keeping the Momentum Going

Your client may be cool, but she isn't your friend. She pays you to keep her on her toes. A friend may slack off in your client's personal development, but you can't. By keeping the momentum going through weekly check-ins, you are a positive reinforcement in your client's life. Like a trainer can't lose her client's weight for her, you can't change your client's life without her hard work and dedication. However, you can be on top of your game, motivating her to do the same.

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