The Job Description of an Entertainment Ticket Sales Agent

Entertainment ticket sales agents work in theater, sports and other entertainment venues.
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You get word that your favorite band is coming to town, so you round up your girlfriends and jump online to buy tickets, only to find the show sold out. You make a call to the box office and thankfully, after some pleading and begging, the ticket sales agent can get you in. While an entertainment ticket sales agent may not always have the power to come up with tickets to sold-out shows, she does help customers find and purchase tickets for music, sports, theater and other entertainment outlets.

What it Takes

    Starting as a ticket sales agent requires at minimum a high school diploma, and most likely you’ll need at least a two- or four-year degree in any field. Most employers want at least one or two years of experience in ticket sales or telemarketing, but may look at other relevant educational or work experience in lieu of those experience requirements. As a ticket sales agent, you’ll receive on-the-job training specific to each employer, as each venue, team or entertainer utilizes different ticket systems and processes.

Skills You’ll Need

    Aside from education and experience, ticket sales agents should possess certain skills, including excellent oral and written communication skills. You’ll need strong organizational skills and people skills, especially when dealing with disgruntled ticket holders. Many times you’ll have sales goals to meet each month, so time management skills, as well as a drive to succeed, are crucial. You should work well in a team setting and also be self-motivated to work independently when needed. Though not required by every employer, speaking a second language can give you an advantage since you’ll often sell to fans that speak a variety of languages.

Everyday Duties

    The main bulk of your daily job duties involve selling tickets to fans through online websites, over the phone or in person at the box office. Along with selling tickets to individual fans, you’ll also sell to large groups, corporations and other organizations. More often than not, the fans will come to you for tickets, but you may also have to do some cold-calling or hard selling to help move tickets. For venues and entertainers that have full seasons with multiple engagements, you’ll be responsible for selling for a single performance or game, as well as marketing season ticket packages. You’ll provide customer service, before and after the sale.

Miscellaneous Jobs

    Selling tickets is your main role as a ticket sales agent, but you also perform other duties as part of the job. Many ticket agents must come up with sales and marketing promotions to garner new sales. You may also assist the marketing, publicity or public relations departments with other promotions, projects and events. Not only do you work during the week to sell tickets, but many ticket agents work evenings and weekends, when most games and events take place. Other duties include maintaining sales records, managing personal accounts and putting together ticket sale reports and data.

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