Job Description of a Collections Assistant to Put on a Resume

Companies hire collections assistants to handle high volumes of past-due accounts.
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A collections assistant is an important employee for any business that relies on payments from consumers. She works hand in hand with a collections manager to minimize write-offs and improve the company’s revenue. When creating a resume for this position, highlight your skills to match the responsibilities required to meet the job description.

Duties Included on a Resume

    A collections assistant works independently with borrowers to collect debts owed. The job description generally states that the collector must help create a repayment plan that the debtor and collector agree upon, based on company policy. This may include setting up monthly payments or an agreed-upon settlement. She uses her training and knowledge to determine if a debt isn't collectable and whether to write it off as well. Add details to your resume that help you stand out. This may include a high percentage of collections obtained within a specific time frame.

Responsibilities for a Resume

    The job description on your resume should include specific responsibilities. A collection assistant ensures that debtors receive timely reminders and statements in the mail. Generally, the collections assistant has to make a minimum number of contacts per week. She then creates monthly and quarterly reports providing details regarding the number of delinquent accounts, payments received and past-due or outstanding payments. On your resume, include details regarding deadlines you met or collections you received for previous employers.

Skills Required

    A major skill listed under job description and skills on a resume for a collections assistant is the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. She often includes her experience with a multiline phone system and various computer programs or accounting software, such as Excel or QuickBooks. Other skills may include operating office equipment, like fax machines, copiers, printers and postage machines.

Training and Education

    Include all training and education that prepares you to meet the job description on your resume. This often includes an associate or bachelor's degree in accounting or business. Also, if you worked in any internships when training as a collections assistant, include that experience on your resume. List the duties and education you received while in school or during training on your resume.

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