Interval Treadmill Training Routines for Beginners

Running intervals on the treadmill gets your heart pumping and scorches calories.
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A treadmill is the most common piece of gym equipment, providing one of the strongest cardiovascular workouts. When it comes to a treadmill routine that makes your heart pump and keeps boredom at bay, intervals are the way to go. Intervals alternate short bursts of intensity with periods of less challenging exercise.


    According to WebMD, compared to every other common gym cardiovascular machines, the treadmill burns the most calories. Most people burn about 100 calories per mile on the treadmill. The reason the treadmill gives you the most solid cardiovascular workout is that you can adjust the incline and speed to meet your fitness needs. Additionally, a treadmill provides a slightly lower impact environment compared to running outside on pavement because the treadmill belt is moving underneath you and absorbs some of the impact.

Speed Intervals

    In a speed interval workout, you run short bursts at your maximum intensity followed by an easy recovery period. Try changing up the incline or speed to work different muscles. Begin with a 10-minute warmup and run three 3-minute fast intervals on the treadmill. Take two minutes of easy jogging between each interval. As you build endurance, add another set every two weeks.

Treadmill and Strength Intervals

    According to WebMD, combining the treadmill with weight training allows you to merge your cardiovascular workout with strength training. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity cardiovascular training and at least two days of strength training that works all the major muscle groups. By alternating 10 minutes of treadmill intervals with 10 minutes of weight training, you can get a complete body workout. The best part is that you can customize this workout to meet your needs by setting the treadmill intensity to run, jog or walk.


    According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, each year more than 50,000 gym-goers visit the emergency room. Furthermore, treadmills cause the most injuries of any other indoor piece of indoor exercise equipment. The most common injuries include tripping on, tripping over or falling off a treadmill. According to American Council on Exercise exercise psychologist Fabio Comana, be aware of your surroundings because carelessness appears to be the key cause of treadmill injuries. Furthermore, beginners may find it more challenging to maintain their balance when walking or running on a treadmill compared to other pieces of gym equipment.

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