An Internship at Kohls Vs. Target

Internships give college seniors real-world experience.
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Giant retailers Kohl’s and Target offers robust internship opportunities for college seniors or college students entering their senior years. These opportunities include corporate and store-level internships. Both companies pay their interns and offer them a range of benefits.

Target Internship Types

    Target offers paid store executive, distribution and pharmacy internships and also undergraduate internships at its headquarters in Minneapolis. It also offers students earning an MBA, or master’s in business administration, internship opportunities at its headquarters. It lists information about internship opportunities on its web site.

Kohl’s Internship Types

    Kohl’s offers Milwaukee-based internships in several areas of its corporate and business areas, including finance, human resources, logistics, customer support, marketing, merchandising, product development, store administration and store planning. It also offers internships in many of its retail locations and posts information about internship opportunities on its web site.


    College students applying for a Target internship must be a senior or entering senior year with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Kohl's gears its internship opportunities to seniors and graduating seniors. Kohl's and Target recruit on college campuses throughout the year, participating in college job and internship fairs and holding on-campus interviews. To qualify for either retailer's internship program, you must have leadership and relationship-building experience and strong written and verbal communication skills. Both retailers also want interns who can identify and resolve problems and make decisions.


    Target and Kohl’s pays its interns. For example, executive store interns at Target earn $15 while Kohl’s store management interns earn $13 an hour. According to Salary King, Target interns earn an average of $17 an hour and interns at Kohl’s earn an average of $15.31 an hour. Target and Kohl’s often hire interns as employees at the end of their internships or after they graduate from college.

Target Internship Benefits

    Interns at Target are eligible for most of the benefits the retailer offers its team members, including a 10% store discount and discounts on other resources. It provides access to a 24/7 NurseLine and a health and wellness web site. Through this web site, you can set health-related goals and get personalized suggestions for how to reach them. Target interns and their family members can also take advantage of the company's LifeResources, which offers free support and information and confidential counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You become eligible for other benefits, including medical, dental and vision, if you start working for Target after your internship ends.

Kohl's Internship Benefits

    Interns at Kohl’s are eligible to enroll in the company’s medical, dental, vision and employee assistance plans and programs. Kohl’s interns are also eligible to participate in the retailer’s 401(k) plan and other discount and reimbursement programs, including tuition reimbursement, group auto and home discounts and long-term disability coverage. Kohl’s also offers its interns many of its benefits aimed at creating a work-life balance, including discounts to amusement parks and movie theaters, parental leave, adoption assistance and on-site dry cleaning services in some locations.

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