Internet Jobs for Teenagers

Internet jobs offer teens greater flexibility than traditional work.

Internet jobs offer teens greater flexibility than traditional work.

It's not always easy for teens to find traditional employment. As a matter of fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only approximately 50 percent of young people are currently employed in the country. The need to think outside of the box toward nontraditional jobs for teen employment is one reason why mothers are considering Internet jobs for their teens. As long as you can avoid scams by researching individual employers, Internet work can be safer and easier to fit into a student's busy schedule than traditional work, such as at restaurants and stores. Also, Internet work can provide a teen with computer skills that will help her succeed in the future.


Teens can help older businesspeople strengthen their online presence. Many teens have grown up on the Internet. They have been navigating through different kinds of websites and perhaps have even been creating their own websites since they were children. They have the skills to help established traditional retail owners create an online presence. Using tools such as social networking and flashy, modern webpage design, teens can help retail store owners stay current and beat the competition by using the Internet to expand their customer base.


Online surveys are great ways to make some quick cash, though teens shouldn't plan on depending on this kind of work for the long term. In most cases, users have to qualify to use surveys by having used specific products. It's also a good idea to make sure that surveys pay in cash. In some cases, survey sites such as Opinion Outpost will mail checks to survey users who have earned at least $20. When users earn less than $20, they might have to choose from various gift cards and online credit cards.


If your teen has a knack for writing, expressing interesting opinions or exploring fascinating pastimes, such as music or fashion, blogging might be a good way for her to make some extra money. In most cases, your teen would have to make blogging money by using a service such as Google AdSense. This kind of service allows your teen to choose how she wants ads to appear on the blog. The amount of money your teen makes usually depends on how many clicks she gets, and the content of the ads normally relies on blog readers' search histories and not necessarily the content on the blog.


Jobs such as freelance writing, photography, and web design are great ways for a teen to make some extra money and develop a great resume. For example, an aspiring writer can develop skills and experience by writing content for new websites that need talented wordsmiths who are willing to work for fees lower than those of more established writers. Not only is this kind of experience terrific to show on a resume or college application, but it allows students to work only when they have time so they don't neglect schoolwork.

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