Intense Volleyball Drills for Girls

To succeed in volleyball, players must be strong physically and mentally.
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Volleyball drills teach the fundamentals of the sport during practice and prepare teams to work together for victory on the court. Intense volleyball drills for girls condition players to move quickly while maintaining mental focus and physical control. Because of their demanding nature, intense volleyball drills build the physical and mental fitness that is needed to win.

Fearless Defense Drill

To perform the fearless defense drill, the coach stands in front of the net while four players stand on the opposite side, about 10 feet from the net. Each defender receives a spike from the coach, and the defender tries to keep the ball in the air by passing or digging. The defender can only stop the drill once five balls are successfully defended.

The coach continues to spike until only one player is left. This player replaces the coach as the spiker and continues the drill with new defenders. Through this drill, players learn to defend a barrage of spikes with confidence.

Team Passing Drill

In the team passing drill, physical fitness conditioning combines with setting and passing. One player assumes the setter's position near the net while another player begins the drill in the court's back left corner.

The coach throws the ball to the back-court player, who passes it to the setter. The setter catches the ball, then tosses it back to the coach and sprints to back court. The two players must switch positions before the coach tosses the ball to begin the drill again. This cycle should be repeated up to 20 times per pair of players to foster passing and agility skills.

Block and Sprint

The block-and-sprint drill increases physical conditioning while developing blocking skills. Four players stand on one side of the net as spikers. Each spiker has one ball to hit over the net at one defender. The defender must move down the line quickly, blocking each spike that comes her way.

Once a player defends all four spikes, she may join the spiker side while another player moves to defense.

This drill may also be repeated using serves instead of spikes. The defending player must dig four serves that are aimed at different locations on the court.

This drill teaches volleyball players of all positions to move quickly and always be prepared to receive balls during matches.

Blue Lip

Blue lip makes players think quickly and work as a team. One player steps to the center of the court, while the rest of the team forms a circle around them 15 to 20 feet away.

The coach stands near the net with a cart full of balls. The coach hits, tips and tosses balls to the player. The player must pass each ball high enough so that a teammate can catch the ball without moving more than one of her feet.

As the passes are caught, the team counts them out for their teammate. When a player reaches 10, she is done. Another player steps to the center as the player who just finished moves to the perimeter circle.

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