How to Install a Chain on a 10-Speed Bicycle

Chain maintenance will extend the life of your bike.
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Bicycle chains wear with normal use. It may be time to replace your chain if too much use has caused it to lose grip, slip or develop a ticking sound. Check for excessive wear on your bicycle chain with a chain-wear indicator tool. Replace a worn chain to extend the life of the bicycles other drive-train components. Changing a worn chain promptly will save you time and money, as the chain is the simplest and least expensive component to service.

    Step 1

    Screw the chain tool over a pin on the existing bike chain. Continue tightening the chain tool until it pushes the pin out. This will break the chain so it can be removed from the bike.

    Step 2

    Size the new chain with the same number of links as the one you are replacing. Ensure the two ends of the new chain will mate. Break the new chain at the correct length with the chain tool.

    Step 3

    Feed the new chain through the rear drive train and the front derailleur. Position the chain between the front gears and the frame.

    Step 4

    Align the two ends of the chain and connect them with a new pin. Press the pin into the chain with the chain tool. Snap off any excess pin length.

    Step 5

    Place the chain on the smallest front gear.


    • If the chain is stiff at the connection point, flex the chain back and forth to loosen it.

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