How to Do Incline Situps at Home

Incline situps provide an extra challenge to your regular ab routine.
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Doing the same old situps at home to firm up your abs can get boring and tedious. Freshen up your abdominal routine with the incline situp, where your head and upper body are positioned below your legs on an adjustable incline bench. This position provides greater resistance in your upper body since you have to flex your torso up at a greater range of motion than from lying flat on the floor. Combined with full-body weight training, proper nutrition and enough rest, you will see your waistline gradually slim down and your muscle definition improve.

Incline Situp

Step 1

Adjust the bench angle about 30 to 45 degrees down from the horizontal position. Sit on the bench with your ankles hooked against a brace of the bench. Flex your feet to secure your leg position.

Step 2

Cross your arms in front of your chest, inhale and lower your back and head gradually on the bench.

Step 3

Exhale as you sit up as high as you can, rounding your spine slightly as you sit up. Do not let your head protrude forward. Perform three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

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