How do I Improve Workplace Productivity With Physical Fitness?

Employees who are physically fit are more energized on the job.
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Getting your employees to move is a powerful way to increase workplace productivity. Because exercise is such a beneficial activity for many reasons, any efforts you as a boss or supervisor make toward increasing the fitness of your employees will pay dividends not just in the budget, but also in the lives of the men and women under your authority. By including physical fitness in your workplace you can boost productivity while creating happier, healthier employees.


One way physical fitness increases productivity at work is by improving employees' health. Adequate exercise boosts the immunity of those who engage in it, while also fighting a number of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, depression and stroke. If your employees are working out, they will be less likely to require time away from the office because they are battling health problems.


Exercise increases the energy in folks who work out. That means that instead of hitting that 3 p.m. slump and barely being able to focus for the rest of the day, your workers will have enough gas in the tank to plow through from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. without having to rely on caffeine or sugary snacks. They’ll have natural energy that keeps them going strong all day long.


Physical fitness has a direct affect on mood and attitude. When your employees are working out, they’ll experience the benefits of decreased depression and anxiety while also getting a boost of mood-lifting endorphins. When your employees feel good about themselves and their lives, their attitude will be reflected in their job performance. Plus, they’ll also help lift the mood of co-workers and make the office a more positive place, which will increase the entire team's productivity.


When creating a fitness program for your office or company, including incentives is an effective way to increase participation. While some workers will be grateful for the opportunity to improve their fitness, others will be resistant. By offering extra vacation time, financial bonuses or other gifts, you can increase the likelihood that your employees will jump in and give the project their best shot.

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