What Are the Most Important Rewards You Expect in Your Job?

A sense of accomplishment is a common motive to work.
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People work for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is to make money. However, even people who don't need the income from their jobs to survive still work. This supports the idea that other tangible and intangible benefits of working appeal to employees. It also reinforces why a number of women leave the home to develop a career, even if their spouses earn enough to live comfortably.


    Compensation is one of the core reasons people go to work. The nature of the economic system dictates that you need money to meet basic survival needs, save for retirement and pay for pleasure and fun. Providing for families is another financial motive. Along with salary, many people work so they have access to health, dental and life insurance benefits.

Contentment and Collaboration

    For those unmotivated by money, personal contentment is an important job reward. This is why women start or return to a career even if a spouse's income supports the family. For some, contentment comes from the realization that when you have a job, you function as a productive member of society. There is the added bonus of making friends among your coworkers and being part of a successful team.

Passion Fulfillment

    Another reward of having a job is that it might connect you with personal interests or passions. For example, a yoga instructor might be able to fulfill her passion for yoga while also earning a living and helping others develop similar passions. Child development specialists may enter their profession because of a passion for the education and development of young children.


    People with a competitive personality are sometimes driven to work by the desire for accomplishment. Salespeople, for instance, are often as driven by meeting or exceeding sales quotas as they are by the financial rewards of the job. Marketing professionals often thrive on seeing their designs accomplish business objectives.

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