Importance of Good Job Performance

Challenge yourself to new professional heights.
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Your efforts to impress your employer don't end when you get the job offer. If you want to showcase your professional abilities, move up the corporate ladder and win the respect of your managers and peers, you've got to make sure your job performance is consistently top-notch.

Job Security

    Chances are, there are plenty of people who would be happy to have your job. Good job performance will give you job security and ensure that you don’t soon find yourself pounding the pavement looking for a new position. Understand the expectations of your role and employ your manager’s help to set realistic and attainable professional goals. Ask for regular feedback to make sure you're doing your job to the best of your abilities.

Career Development

    One reason that good job performance is important is that a reputation as a dedicated professional woman will help you in your career development. If and when you decide to look for new employment opportunities, you’ll be well-served by having positive endorsements from previous employers. Give everyone reasons to describe your exceptional performance, good attitude and meaningful contributions.

Advancement Opportunity

    If you want to advance through the ranks at your current company, above-average job performance is an important prerequisite. To qualify for internal promotions, special projects and professional development opportunities, the boss will look first to the company's high performers. Make sure one of them is you.

Earning Potential

    Raises and bonuses are often performance-based. Theoretically, the better your performance, the higher your earning potential. Most employers conduct regular evaluations where they rate your performance and make suggestions for improvement. If you follow your boss’ advice and continually work on improving your professional skills, you position yourself to move to the top of your pay grade.


    When you perform your job to the best of your abilities, it not only benefits you, but your colleagues, as well. Being a contributing member of the team and a helpful, supportive co-worker will make your work life more enjoyable and rewarding. You can also expect to get the same kind of assistance from co-workers when you need an extra hand on a project or task. This kind of cooperative culture can help to reduce stress in the workplace.

Work Pride

    Perhaps one of the best reasons for good job performance is the pride you can take in your work. Knowing you put everything into your job gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. This can go a long way in motivating you professionally and keeping you interested in and focused on your career.

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