Ideas for Flyers for Window Washing Jobs

Mentioning special skills can help you stand out.
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Providing a service that homeowners and businesses require but don't want or don't have the equipment to perform, such as cleaning windows, can be a lucrative undertaking, but finding customers is crucial to your success. Flyers can be an affordable and effective way to reach potential clients and interest them in your window washing services. Make sure yours stand out and highlight what makes you better than your competition.

Attention-Grabbing Graphics

Using the right images can promote your business before customers read a word about your window washing service. Include photos of your actual work as the backdrop for your flyer, if possible. For example, a side-by-side comparison of a grimy window before and after you do your magic or a picture displaying an employee squeegeeing a shiny strip down the middle of a filthy pane can capture a potential client's interest immediately.

Professional Presentation

The International Window Cleaning Association recommends homeowners seek window washers that are insured, experienced, trained and knowledgeable. Show new customers that you're right for the job by adding a section mentioning your business's license and insurance, if applicable. Briefly explain the type of experience and skills you have, such as residential and business maintenance, seasonal deep cleaning or green window washing methods. If you have a special skill or have been in business many years, include this information as well.

Prices and Specials

Listing your price for an average home or office, the charge per window or rates for special services, such as high windows and cleaning screens or blinds, can help consumers recognize the value of hiring you. Mentioning a deal for first-time customers, adding a coupon to the corner or bottom of the flyer or detailing some other discount could be the factor that causes a shopper to choose your window washing business over another.

Distribution Locations

Once you've designed and printed your flyers, choosing the best places to post them will provide the greatest impact on potential customers. Post flyers in large office buildings and complexes. Swap flyers with complementary businesses, such as carpet cleaners, or office cleaners (that don't do windows, of course). Mail your flyers to property management companies and apartment complexes. You may even want to hand them out door to door, especially after you've done an exemplary job on a neighbor's glass. Make sure you have permission to post flyers before doing so.

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