How to Prevent Hips From Popping During Exercise

Hip flexibility can prevent popping during exercise.
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Hip popping during exercise is most likely due to snapping hip syndrome, an abnormal movement of muscle or tendon over the hip joint. Some people experience pain with the popping sensation, while others just hear a clicking noise. Hip popping that does not cause pain is not dangerous to your health, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Painful snapping of the hip may indicate torn cartilage that requires medical treatment. Prevent hip popping by maintaining flexibility in your hips and taking care to not exacerbate the condition.

    Stretch your hips every day, especially before participating in physical exercise. Popping sounds in the hip may mean your hip flexor and rotator group are tight. Lie down on the floor on your back. Bend your knee and bring it as far up toward your chest as you can without lifting you upper body off the floor. Hold for at least 30 seconds before bringing your leg back down to the floor. Complete two to five repetitions before switching legs.

    Increase flexibility in your abductors -- the muscles surrounding your hips and your buttocks. Lie down on your back. Keeping your knees straight, extend your left leg out to the left side as far as you can. Your knee and toes should point toward the ceiling. Hold the stretch with your leg extended until you feel tension in your lower back; the time frame will vary based on your level of flexibility. Perform 10 to 20 reps with your left leg before switching to your right side. Flexibility in the abductors helps the tendons and muscles move more smoothly over the hip joint without noise.

    Work on external rotations to eliminate snapping or clicking in the hips. Lie on your back with one knee bent. The sole of your foot should be flat on the ground. Rotate your knee down and outside as far as possible. Hold the stretch for several seconds before rotating your leg back to the original position. Complete 10 repetitions before switching legs. Your legs should form the number 4 or the letter P when you are doing the stretch correctly.

    Cut back on repetitive motion during exercises such as walking, jogging and biking if stretching is not keeping your hips from popping. Snapping hip syndrome can be caused by overuse and bursitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs around your joints. Give yourself rest time between workout sessions to prevent soreness and noise in your joints. Ice and over-the-counter-pain relievers can ease pain associated with hip popping.

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