How to Make Your Stomach Flatter in 20 Days

Drink water and train smart for a flatter stomach.
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The healthiest long-term method to getting a flatter stomach is to combine a healthy diet with regular physical activity, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although short-term fad diets can help you lose weight for a flat stomach in 20 days, they are not long-lasting. Furthermore, much of the weight lost is typically water weight, which returns when you start eating normally again. Still, it is possible to achieve a flatter stomach in less than three weeks by making changes to your usual routine.

    Drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day to achieve a flatter stomach in less than three weeks. Water helps flush excess water and waste from the body, which de-bloats the belly, leading to a flatter appearance. It also has the added benefit of filling you up to squash hunger cravings for sweet, sugary snacks that lead to weight gain. It's important to replace fluids lost from exercising so you can be sure you're not just losing water weight from working out hard instead of losing fat.

    Start circuit training two to three times per week to achieve a flatter tummy in a matter of weeks. Circuit training is a workout in which you do a series of about 10 to 12 exercises back to back with little rest in between. You rest after you complete the series once and then you repeat the circuit another two times for a complete full-body workout. The combination of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises such as jumping rope and squats increases caloric burn for weight loss all over the body, including the belly. Strength exercises such as pushups and squats also increase muscle mass in the body, which has a higher metabolic rate than fat.

    Train the abdominals with core-strengthening exercises so you can show off a toned, taut tummy. Do core exercises every second day, and aim to do three sets of three to four different exercises such as bicycle crunches, leg raises and the plank. Try doing the plank at home by lying face-down on a mat with hands underneath your shoulder and palms touching the floor. Push yourself up into a full pushup position so you're resting on your hands and toes. Your back should be straight and abdominals tight to keep the belly from sagging. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat three times.


    • Consult with a health professional prior to starting any new exercise program that could affect your health.

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