How to Keep My Feet From Burning While Running

Proper running shoe fit helps eliminate burning during running.
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From beginners to veteran runners, many experience a burning sensation on the balls of the feet, between the toes or on other spots on the feet during their runs. Your feet may burn while you run for several reasons, but often improper shoes and socks cause the condition. Nerve compression or serious diseases affecting circulation could also cause burning. Try a few simple suggestions to remedy the problem, then see a doctor if the burning persists.

    Apply an ice pack to your feet before and after you run to ease inflammation that may cause burning.

    Exchange cotton socks for synthetic running socks that wick moisture away from your feet when they sweat during running. Cotton socks hold moisture and can rub your skin to cause burning, so get socks specifically designed for runners. Wash socks after every run and never wear dirty socks. Replace your socks often so you aren’t wearing worn socks.

    Use foot powder to help keep your feet dry during running.

    Use a powder, spray or cream remedy to relieve athlete’s foot if you have it because the irritation of this condition can cause burning on your feet.

    Have a customer representative trained in fitting sports shoes help you buy a pair of running shoes that fit you properly. Try on new shoes after you run because your feet swell during exercise. Alternatively, if you have recently lost weight, your shoe size may have changed as a result. Wear well-fitting running shoes because shoes that are too tight or too loose can rub your skin and cause burning.

    Lace your shoes so that they support your feet firmly but do not constrict circulation. After you run for a while, your feet will swell, so loosen the laces if you begin to feel a burning sensation.

    Things You'll Need

    • Ice pack

    • Running socks

    • Foot powder

    • Athlete’s foot remedy

    • Running shoes


    • Wash your running shoes often to reduce the likelihood of foot irritation.


    • If burning feet persist even after you try these suggestions, see a doctor.

      If you have numbness or tingling in addition to burning while running, consult a physician, especially if the sensations spread up the legs. These and other painful symptoms may be due to a more serious medical problem such as diabetes, a thyroid condition, vitamin deficiency, or liver or kidney disease.

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