How to Elongate Your Torso

Elongate your torso by stretching your abdominal muscles regularly.
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No amount of exercise will physically make your torso longer, but you can perform a series of yoga and Pilates stretches that are designed to lengthen the muscles of the torso. Pilates is touted as an exercise modality that creates long, lean, dancer-like muscles. Both yoga and Pilates focus on quality rather than quantity, so practice good form for each stretch and hold the stretch for longer than you might be used to.

Upward-Facing Dog

    Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat or other comfortable surface.

    Place your palms on either side of your chest and spread your fingers wide.

    Tuck your elbows in toward your body.

    Press into the mat with your palms and extend the arms completely, as you raise your head, shoulders and entire torso off the mat. You should feel a deep stretch in the entire abdomen.

    Hold upward-facing dog for 30 seconds to one minute before lowering yourself back down to the mat.

Bow Pose

    Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat or other comfortable surface.

    Bend your knees and try to touch your buttocks with your heels.

    Reach back with both arms and hold onto the outside tops of the feet.

    Curl your head, shoulders and upper torso off of the mat, while you kick back into your hands to add resistance.

    Hold the stretch for 30 seconds to one minute before releasing the feet; lower your body back down to the mat.

Standing Side Stretch

    Stand up tall with a straight spine and your feet together.

    Engage your core muscles by drawing the belly button in toward the spine.

    Reach up with your left arm, keeping your elbow close to your left ear.

    Curl your entire torso to the right, laterally, as if you were making a large "C" shape with your spine.

    Arc your left arm over your head to the right, completing the stretch.

    Stay here for 30 seconds to one minute before performing the stretch on the opposite side.

Stability Ball Wheel

    Sit on the edge of a stability ball with your knees bent and both feet flat on the floor.

    Lie back on the ball, so most of your back is supported by the ball but your head and shoulders are hanging off the edge.

    Raise your arms over your head and place your palms flat on the floor to help you balance in the position.

    Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to one minute before coming out of the pose.


    • Perform abdominal flexibility exercises three to four times per week.


    • Speak to your doctor before performing abominal exercises if you have a history of back or abdominal pain, hernia or digestive disorders.

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