How Long to Tighten Flabby Arms With 5 Lb Weights?

Dumbbells are a good tool for building arm muscle.
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A set of 5-pound dumbbells is an ideal way to tone and tighten your arm muscles. Many people get discouraged with the speed of their results, but a continuous program is vital for progress. This means you can't just do a couple moves on occasion, but must build a regular weight- training routine. That being said, each person sees results at a different pace, so try not to compare yourself to other lifters.


Your routine plays a big role in how soon you'll notice growth and development in your arm muscles. encourages two or three 20- to 30-minute strength-training sessions each week to maximize the benefits of weightlifting. Aim to include at least one set of 12 repetitions of each arm exercise in each of your sessions. Sticking to this consistent schedule produces results and continues to build on your progress over time.


You might think your arm moves are building muscle. In a way they are, but a rest between workouts is vital for increasing your muscle tone and mass as well as preventing injuries during future workouts. When you lift 5-pound dumbbells, your muscles incur small tears. When you rest, your body repairs the damage, which produces larger and stronger muscles in your arms. suggests taking at least one day off between your weight-training sessions to allow your muscles time to recover adequately.

Well-Rounded Workout

Your arms contain several muscles, including your forearms, biceps and triceps. Working each equally is important for preventing muscle imbalances that may lead to injury, but is also vital for tightening your entire arm rather than just one area. Include exercises that target each of your arm muscles. Triceps extensions, bench presses, biceps curls, pushups, kickbacks, push downs, dips and chest presses are good options. Mix and match your favorites during each session to increase the challenge to your arms.


If you stick to the guidelines regarding strength training, you are likely to begin seeing results in just two or three weeks. This is beneficial for increasing motivation and helping you stick with your program. However, you can't expect to continue seeing results if you keep using 5-pound dumbbells. Once your lifting routine becomes too easy, you will need to advance to a higher pound load to continue seeing progress. If you can do 15 repetitions without feeling any muscle fatigue, it is likely time to progress to heavier dumbbells, according to

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