How Long Does Muscle Toning Take?

Use free weights two to three times per week.
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Toning muscles in your body can take anywhere from one month onward, depending on certain factors. The amount of time you spend exercising, the type of exercise you do and your diet are important considerations that affect the timeline. There are also genetic traits that can affect your muscle tone, such as the size of your frame, how easily your body creates muscle mass and the amount of fat that normally accumulates in your body. Everyone is different, so speak with a physician, nutritionist or personal trainer to figure out the optimal way for you to tone your muscles as quickly as possible.

What is Muscle Toning?

Muscle toning occurs when you exercise the muscles in your body in a way that makes you gain muscle mass. This can happen from lifting weights, placing resistance on your muscles from various objects or using your own body weight to make your muscles do extra work. Muscle toning does not need to involve a lot of time, but must be done regularly to see results. According to the Mayo Clinic, you don't need to do multiple sets of exercises for the same muscle if you are using the right amount of resistance force. By the 12th repetition your muscle should feel tired and ready for a break. After working out a muscle, make sure you give it one full day to recover before working it again.

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

There is a balance that takes place when you endeavor to tone your muscles. You must lose excess fat while also gaining muscle mass; otherwise, you will not be able to see your newly toned muscles because they will be covered with a layer of fat. This doesn't make as large of a difference in certain body parts, such as the arms and legs, but it makes a huge difference in the stomach or the buttocks. Lower the number of overall calories you intake by 500 per day to lose approximately 1 pound of weight per week. Do this in conjunction with strength training for faster and more significant results as quickly as possible.

Ways to Speed Up the Process

The effort you put into having a toned body will pay off by happening more quickly than if you don't put in much effort. Doing strength training with medium to heavy weights five days per week will get you results faster than doing yoga three times per week. Yoga is a strength-training exercises that uses your own body weight and is effective over time, but it doesn't have the same big impact that lifting heavy weights does to your muscles. Eating a clean diet that is high in protein, healthy fats and complex carbs is also important if you want to look toned as fast as you can. These choices can mean the difference in months of training.

Amount of Time

If you begin a healthy and average regimen of diet and strength training, you can expect to begin showing your new muscle tone in as little as one month. This means that you workout at least three days per week, eat well and make an effort to change your body on a regular basis. If you are overweight to begin with, have bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking, or have an ectomorph body make-up, it might take a few more months to initially begin to see results. Patience is important, as is recognizing that working out is probably making you feel good, even if your outward appearance has to yet caught up.

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