Hot Shower Exercises for Back Pain

Heat is helpful for relieving stress and muscle pain.
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Whether your back is hurting from picking up the kids or from carrying the groceries, a hot shower is the perfect relief. Although heat doesn't cure your pain, exercises done in the hot shower help soothe those painful muscle knots. A hot shower comforts and relaxes, lowering your stress level. The lower your stress level, the more hot shower exercises feel like a long, therapeutic relief.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

    The shoulder blade squeeze is an easy exercise that can be done while standing up in a hot shower. To do this exercise, keep your back straight and push your shoulder blades back together. Hold for five seconds, then relax your back. Do two sets of three to five reps.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

    Sometimes, lower-back pain is caused from tight hamstring muscles. Stretching will lengthen your hamstrings and reduce your lower-back pain. To start the standing hamstring stretch, stand straight up. Bend forward at the waist with your arms hanging down, and try to touch your toes. Keep your legs straight the entire exercise. Don't strain yourself to touch your toes if you're not that flexible. Hold until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

Standing Side Bend

    To set up for the standing side bend, stand up straight and cross your left leg over your right leg. Place your hands on your hips. Lean your torso to the right until you feel a stretch in the left side of your hip and stomach -- about 30 seconds. Then, cross your right leg over your left leg and lean to your left. Hold until you feel a stretch in the right side of your hip and stomach. This exercise helps relieve a tight lower back.

Hip Stretch

    Your hips and butt help support your lower back. Stretching your hips during a hot shower will help relax your back muscles. To do the hip stretch, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a half-step back with your right foot. Bend your left knee and shift your weight to your right hip. Keeping your right leg straight and left knee bent, bend your torso forward. Reach down your right leg until you feel a stretch in your outer right hip. Raise your torso and switch sides, stepping back with your left foot, bending your right knee and reaching down your left leg.

Standing Extension

    While taking a hot shower, stand up straight. Place your hands on your lower back. Push your hips forward to feel a stretch in your back. Hold for 30 seconds. This exercise is good for those who have back pain from sitting for extended periods, especially at work.


    These exercises will provide more of a relief done in a hot shower. Don't make the water too hot, where you burn yourself. If you feel any pain while doing these exercises, stop and rest. Don't push yourself past the point of your flexibility, especially while trying to touch your toes for the standing hamstring stretch. Be careful not to slip and fall in the shower while performing these exercises. These exercises are supposed to give you relief from your back pain, not cause any more pain.

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