How to Hit a Golf Ball Far

Technique is just as important as strength to hitting the ball far.
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Golf is a sport that requires both strength and precision. While you may be an accurate shot on the green, learning to hit the golf ball farther can help you get ahead on the more difficult par-5 holes. Adjusting your technique and choosing the right ball are a few ways you can learn to hit the ball farther. With a little practice, you'll be on your way to a more satisfying game of golf.

    Step 1

    Choose the correct equipment. Select distance balls for longer drives. Distance balls are specially designed to hit off the club quickly. Spend time in a golf store to get advice on which driver matches your driving style. If you have an old set of clubs, you may want to change to a modern driver, as they tend to have deeper angles. Switching up your equipment in this way could add a good 20 yards to your drive.

    Step 2

    Perfect your technique. Begin by standing with your feet set apart to create a solid base. Once you are balanced, lead into a swing with your hips. Lower your arms only after your hips have turned, creating resistance between your upper and lower body. This technique will give your drive more momentum and power, causing the ball to go farther. To continue to work on your stance, find a golf trainer who can observe you and offer tips for improvement.

    Step 3

    Train off the golf course to improve your strength and flexibility. If your shoulders are flexible enough to turn, ending up in a more vertical position when you reach the top of a swing, you will be able to hit the ball farther. Begin weight training two to three times a week, focusing on your arms, shoulders and core muscle groups. Enlist a personal trainer to help you exercise in ways that increase flexibility and upper-arm strength.

    Step 4

    Discover local driving ranges and use them often. Achieving the perfect technique requires a lot of practice, and driving ranges are an affordable way to gradually increase the distance on your shot. Bring a friend along to help critique your stance and offer support.

    Things You'll Need

    • Golf balls

    • Golf clubs

    • Driving range

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