Hip-Hop Dancing Workouts

Hip-hop dance workouts greatly strengthen your body's core muscles.
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Break out from the monotony of typical exercise routines with a hip-hop dance workout. An ever-changing array of dance moves, music, rhythm, and a lot of bass characterize this aerobic style of exercise. When it comes to hip-hop dancing workouts, there are a variety from which to choose based on your dance preferences, music choices and fitness level.

The Basics

    Hip-hop dancing workouts fall under the classification of aerobic exercise as they help to burn calories and increase your heart rate. Workouts that incorporate hip-hop dancing utilize interval training in order to prevent muscle soreness and increase stamina by alternating from low- to high-intensity levels. The beauty of hip-hop workouts is that no two are the same, as the workout performed is generally created at the discretion of the instructor. Many dance studios, fitness studios and gyms have their own version of hip-hop workouts.

Hip-Hop Funk

    Hip-hop funk workouts generally draw inspiration from pop culture through music and moves featured in the media. The moves are broken down to learn step by step. This type of hip-hop workout can be most commonly found in gyms, dance and fitness studios. Funk dance originated as a street dance in California, and moves used in this type of workout are commonly referred to as popping and locking. Popping moves are energetic, while locking moves are generally held for several beats.

Hip-Hop Hustle

    Hustle is a form of hip-hop workout, the goal of which is to feel similar to a night out rather than an exercise routine. This fast-paced workout is easy to learn, but might require understanding of the fundamentals of hip-hop as it is typically viewed as an intermediate-level exercise. The hustle began as a popular dance in the 1970s, and since that time it has been constantly evolving. In the form of a hip-hop workout, it maintains most of the old techniques through rhythmic patterns and timing, which adjust to the hip hop style of music. The hustle generally focuses on feet and leg movements.

Benefits of Hip-Hop Workouts

    Hip-hop workouts provide a whole-body workout experience that results in toning, sculpting, increased cardiopulmonary endurance, strengthening of the heart and lungs and improved circulation. As with all exercise, the more regularly performed, the greater the benefits achieved. Regular exercise helps increase stamina, control weight and regulate sleep patterns. Moreover, hip-hop workouts have emotional benefits such as stress and anxiety reduction.

Contraindications of Hip Hop Workouts

    As with all exercise, it is important to know your limits. Exercise in the amount and capacity that is best for you. Contact your doctor with any questions or hesitations prior to starting new types of exercise. Aerobic exercise can be strenuous; therefore, prepare appropriately. Adequate hydration, proper shoes and routines appropriate for you skill level are necessary considerations. Aerobic exercise not done properly can result in stress fractures, shin splints, calf pain and foot pain.

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