How to Do a Hip Hop Handstand

Lift your arm off the floor and twist toward that lifted arm.
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In hip hop dance, dancers do all sorts of gravity-defying moves that have them on their backs, on their hands and flipping over in every direction. If you're already strong enough to hold a standard handstand for a few seconds without help, then you're probably strong enough to try out a hip hop handstand -- which can require you to take one hand off the floor. You'll also need to move your legs and butt from their tight position above you -- as you do with a standard handstand -- into a much wider position.

    Step 1

    Stand with one leg ahead of the other, in a lunge position, and extend your arms above your head.

    Step 2

    Launch your body forward and touch your hands to the floor, while at the same time kicking your back leg up. Follow with the forward leg until you are in a standard handstand, with your legs and buttocks tight and your body in a straight line.

    Step 3

    Shrug your shoulders and engage your core muscles as you bend your arms slightly. Then straighten your arms and push off the floor to "pop" up, allowing both hands to leave the floor briefly. This "pop" or "hop" is one basic hip hop handstand. You can move onto a more difficult maneuver in the next step.

    Step 4

    Lift one hand completely off the floor and extend it out to the side for extra stability.

    Step 5

    Open your legs into the hip hop "scissor." Then turn your torso and rotate the hand that is on the floor, allowing your free hand to land on the other side of the hand that is on the floor. When your hand has landed on the floor, close your legs and kick your legs back down to the floor.


    • If simply lifting your hand off the floor is difficult, keep practicing lifting your hand off the floor for a second or two, and then place your hand back on the floor and kick your legs back down to the floor.

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