Hip & Groin Pain After Doing Power Yoga

Some poses may cause hip and groin pain.
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Power yoga is the choice of many women because it burns calories and builds muscle at the same time. The transition between poses is sometimes faster than other types of yoga. Yoga isn't supposed to hurt, so if you feel hip or groin pain after a session, you may have hurt yourself. Don't panic. Some simple switches to your routine will have you back on the mat in no time.


    Pain after a power yoga session could be the result of failing to stretch your hip and groin area beforehand. Yes, this takes a few extra minutes in your otherwise jam-packed lifestyle, but your body will thank you if you fit it in. Your hip and groin muscles may also be suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness, particularly if you're a beginner or just switched up your routine. You might also have strained or sprained your hip or groin muscles, which is most likely the case if pain started during a session and continues afterward.


    You probably don't want to hear it, but taking a break from the mat is the best way to treat hip and groin pain after power yoga. If you persist with your routine, you may just end up making the situation worse and finding yourself sidelined for even longer. Ice the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes several times per day to numb the discomfort. For muscle soreness, a warm bath is soothing as well. Yoga Journal recommends over-the-counter pain medications to reduce pain as you recover.


    One of the best and easiest ways to prevent pain in your hips and groin after power yoga is to take a class appropriate to your skill level. Don't just head into any old class if you've never done yoga before. Plenty of beginner options are available. Stretch your hips and groin before hitting the mat to get your blood flowing and warm up the muscles in both areas. Don't hold yoga poses that work your hips and groin for too long, and never push your body into poses that are uncomfortable. This goes a long way toward preventing strains and sprains.

Yoga Poses

    If yoga is something you can't give up, you don't have to. The trick is to include poses that strengthen your hips and groin so they can handle power yoga sessions without causing pain. Your groin will benefit from Camel pose, Bow pose, Easy pose and Firefly pose, while your hips get stronger with Full Boat pose, Boat pose, Cat pose and Cow pose. Ask your instructor to include them in your sequence or practice them at home on your own.

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