High Growth Careers That Are in High Demand

Some 68,500 new dental hygienist jobs will become available through 2020.
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While you should select a major in a field that you enjoy, you should also pick one in which you can find a job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that average job growth will be 14.3 percent through 2020. Some occupations are in greater demand, however, and their growth rate will more than double the national average.

Physical Therapists

According to the BLS, 77,400 new physical therapy jobs will become available through 2020 -- a 39 percent growth rate more than twice the average for other careers. The high demand for physical therapy jobs will stem from an aging population more susceptible to conditions that impact mobility and require rehabilitation. Also, medical advances have resulted in increased outpatient procedures, and physical therapists play a critical role in implementing these treatments.

Cost Estimators

Through 2020, the BLS projects 67,500 new cost estimator jobs will flood the market. This is a 36 percent growth rate, more than double the average for other professions. The high demand for cost estimators grows from an increasing need to analyze data and estimate the amount of financial, material and human resources required to complete projects, provide services or manufacture products. As construction, manufacturing, civil engineering and specialty trade industries seek to streamline costs, they turn to cost estimators to provide efficient solutions.

Dental Hygienists

Some 68,500 new dental hygienist jobs will become available by 2020, the BLS reports. The 38 percent growth rate is more than twice the average for other careers. Research linking oral and general health has spurred the high demand for dental hygienists. More patients will seek these professionals for preventative dental services and the early diagnosis of oral problems. Many older people are also choosing to keep their original teeth longer, which will entail more trips to the dental hygienist.

Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists

At least 58,500 new marriage and family therapist jobs will appear on the market through 2020, according to the BLS, a 37 percent growth rate more than double the anticipated growth for other careers. The high demand for these careers will result from troubled patients obtaining help for emotional, mental and relationship problems at a much earlier age than in the past. Since counselors and therapists are not as expensive as psychiatrists and psychologists, insurance providers are more likely to reimburse members who choose this option.

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