What Is a Group Interview for Sephora Like?

Group interviews are a part of the application process at Sephora.
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If you love makeup and working with people, a job at Sephora might be right for you. You don't have to be a makeup expert to work there; in fact, Sephora provides training for all new employees. The competition can be tough, though, depending on the time of year you're applying. During holiday seasons, hundreds of people may apply for just a few positions.

About the Interview

    The first step in getting a job at Sephora is to turn in a completed job application. If the store is interested in hiring you, a hiring manager will contact you to schedule a group interview. The interview's purpose is to determine who will be called back for a one-on-one interview. The group interview usually takes place either at the Sephora store itself or at an office within walking distance of the store. The interview typically includes five or six applicants who are interviewed by a Sephora manager and sometimes a store director.


    During the interview, each person in the group has a chance to answer each question. The questions are typically structured so that each person has a chance to go first at least once. The questions are fairly typical. You may be asked why why you are interested in cosmetics. Answer with specifics about Sephora products. You may be asked what excites you about customer service or working at Sephora. Share a story that illustrates your customer service skills. You might be asked about three non-negotiables in a workplace or how you would handle a situation where a customer breaks a product. In addition, you may be asked general questions to assess your personality, such as what you like to do in your spare time or your long-term career goals.

What to Wear

    Job candidates wear a variety of outfits to group interviews for Sephora, ranging from business suits to general high school attire. It's a good idea to dress professionally in Sephora colors but without being completely obvious about it. The main Sephora color is black, so something stylish but professional in black is a safe bet.

Other Tips

    Try not to be nervous during the group interview. It's easy to be intimidated by other applicants, but remember that they are just like you. Show enthusiasm for and passion about the job and makeup in general, but don't go overboard and appear fake. Bring a notepad and take notes, because you will be given a lot of information about Sephora and its policies. Stay engaged during the process and don't let your mind wander. If you are invited for a follow-up one-on-one interview, bring extra copies of your resume, study up on Sephora and be ready to share more in-depth information about answers you gave during the group interview.

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