Good Butt & Leg Workout Routines

Exercises that engage the butt and legs make a better lower half.
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Let's face it, a nice-looking butt and toned legs would make any woman feel good in second-skin jeans or a short dress. If you want to lift and tone a saggy booty while trading leg fat for slender, sculpted legs, you'll have to do a mixture of cardio and strength-training exercises. Cardio will help you lose fat all over, including your tush and thighs, while strength-training exercises lift and define the muscles. Before you get going on these or any other new exercises, check in with your doctor first to get health clearance so you know it's the right plan for you.

Cardio Workouts for Better Butt and Legs

    Part of a good butt and leg workout routine means participating in heart-pumping cardio exercise. Aerobic exercises that engage the muscles of your booty, thighs and calves can help you shed lower-body fat as you lose weight all over, while helping to tone the muscles. Treadmill workouts that incorporate intervals of higher-paced activity, incline training and walking lunges are effective for getting slender legs and a shapely tush. Bike riding and swimming are also effective forms of cardio that work the butt and legs.

Chair Pose to Back Lunge

    Tone your lower body from ankle to tush with this combo move. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and raise your arms straight out in front of you at chest level. Squat down and back as if sitting on an invisible chair. Hold the pose for two counts before extending your left leg back to transition into a lunge. Hold the lunge for two counts before pushing off your left foot and rising into the starting position. Each time you go into the chair pose, alternate the leg you extend back when you lunge. Three times weekly, do a total of 16 to 24 chair pose to back lunge combos to tone your calves, thighs and tush.

Donkey Kicks

    There are several variations of donkey kicks geared toward different fitness levels. If you're a beginner or someone who doesn't want an overly challenging workout, you can do donkey kicks by getting down on all fours. Keep your back straight as you raise your right leg with the knee still bent. Lift your thigh up until it's parallel with the floor while pushing the sole of your foot toward the ceiling. Bring your leg back down to complete one rep. Do eight to 16 reps on each leg.

    Challenge the muscles around your thighs, hips and butt by performing another variation of donkey kicks. Get on your hands and knees with your tush about 1 to 2 feet from the wall. Raise up onto your toes, and then kick your legs up onto the wall. Lower your legs to the starting position to complete one rep.

Side Shuffle with Resistance Band

    An effective butt and leg workout wouldn't be complete without working the inner and outer thighs. Tone these muscles as you burn fat to get rid of saddlebags for thighs that look hot in your jeans. Place a resistance band around your ankles, and position your feet far enough apart to pull the band taut. Squat down about 45 degrees to get into the starting position. Step out to the right with your right foot, and then bring your left leg over to meet it. Continue this for a total of 24 steps, and then repeat in the other direction to tone your inner and outer thighs. Perform this exercise three times per week.

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