What Goes Good With Filet Mignon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes?

Vegetables supply fiber, potassium and vitamin A.
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Filet mignon and garlic mashed potatoes are two culinary delights that pair well with a variety of nutritious sides. Because meat and potato dishes can be high in saturated fat and sodium, your side dish should be low in fat and calories, but also supply key vitamins and minerals. Luckily, you have many tasty options that will round out your meal and complement the flavors of the steak and mashed potatoes.


    Vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories, making them a nutritious addition to your meat and potatoes. They also supply fiber for digestive health, potassium for your heart and vitamin A for the health of your eyes. Steam broccoli, cauliflower or green beans and serve it alongside your main dish. Saute bell peppers with onions for another tasty side that pairs well with the entree. Raw vegetables, such as tomato slices and carrots, are healthy accompaniments, as well. A leafy green salad made with spinach, mushrooms and red onions supplies vitamin A, vitamin D and iron, and goes well with the steak and potatoes.


    Many people don't normally eat fruit with meat and potatoes, but the sweet flavor can complement the tangy, bold flavor of the meat, as well as the garlic in the potatoes. Not only that, fruit is also a good source of vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and supplies fiber and potassium. Have a juicy slice of watermelon or a wedge of cantaloupe with your filet mignon and mashed potatoes. A serving of fresh berries is also a tasty side dish. Apple, pear, plum or orange slices pair nicely, too. Brush pineapple or peach slices with a small amount of canola oil and grill or broil them for a vitamin C-rich side dish.


    Brush thick slices of whole-wheat bread with olive oil and sprinkle them with black pepper and garlic powder. Broil the bread until it's golden brown and enjoy it as a fiber-rich addition to your meat and potatoes. A whole-wheat dinner roll is another side high in fiber. Spread a small amount of reduced-fat butter on the roll to enhance the flavor. Corn bread is another tasty option, but it has less fiber than whole-wheat bread.


    Because you're eating garlic mashed potatoes with your steak, you probably don't need another starch such as white rice. Steamed brown or wild rice, however, each make a tasty side dish that supply fiber and iron. A small helping of cooked quinoa or couscous can also complement the bold taste of the meat and garlicky potatoes.

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