How to Gain Weight Without Sugar

You can still add pounds without eating sugar.

You can still add pounds without eating sugar.

You normally hear about people trying to lose weight, however, some individuals need to gain weight. Choosing calorie-concentrated foods can help you focus on your weight-gain goals. Eating 3,500 extra calories a week will add one pound of body weight. Proteins and carbohydrates have four calories per gram; however, fats have nine calories per gram. Although gaining weight may sound like a simple task, you should choose healthy foods that contain other essential nutrients as well.

Snack in between meals by eating high-calorie snacks that do not contain sugar. Nuts and seeds are examples of calorie-dense foods that are sugar-free. Macadamia nuts contain about 204 calories in a 1-ounce serving size. Pecans contain about 201 calories in the same serving size.

Increase your portion sizes of food without sugar. If you normally eat one chicken breast for dinner, have two chicken breasts.

Add healthy fats to your diet whenever you can. Healthy fats include olive oil, nuts, eggs and fish oil. These foods are not only high in calories, they also contain fats that can help improve your health.

Eat more protein-rich foods. Foods high in protein do not contain sugar. Select healthy proteins, such as chicken, fish, lentils and dairy. Protein-rich foods can help you gain weight without sugar.

Increase your selection of healthy grains. Foods such as quinoa, brown rice, multigrain bread and whole-wheat pasta are high in calories.

Drink beverages that can provide additional calories, such as milk or protein shakes, but do not have any added sugar.


  • Consult your physician for specific recommendations on how to gain weight.

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