Follow-Up Letter to an Employer Thanking Them for an Interview

Emphasize your excitement about the job opportunity.
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It's not enough to wow interviewers during your in-person meeting. To make a long-lasting, positive impression, follow through with a thank-you letter after your interview. Not only will you be remembered for this professional touch, the letter also gives you an opportunity to solidify your position, remind interviewers of your credentials and restate your interest in the job.

Step 1

Write your letter immediately after the interview. If the company is looking to hire quickly, it is probably interviewing numerous people over a short period of time. Sending a letter right away demonstrates your professionalism, shows you want the job and helps you stand out from other applicants.

Step 2

Write a letter to each person involved in the interview process. If you interviewed with the hiring manager, send him the letter. If you participated in a panel interview, send individual letters to each panelist. If a human resources director coordinated an interview with a department manager, express your thanks to each of them.

Step 3

Thank the interviewer for his time and highlight what most attracts you to the position. For example, you might write, “I especially enjoyed the opportunity to hear the plans for marketing your new product launch. The product sounds very innovative, and it would be wonderful to be part of such an exciting endeavor.”

Step 4

Include attachments, if necessary. For example, if, during the interview, you said you'd send work samples, reference those in your thank-you note. “As you requested, I’m attaching a copy of the annual report I did for my last company, as well as brochure copy that’s similar in nature to the promotional materials your team is working on right now.”

Step 5

Mention anything pertinent you forgot to discuss during the interview. For example: “I forgot to mention that I’m currently enrolled in a graphic design class at the local community college, which I believe will help me contribute to marketing efforts on a more expansive scale.”

Step 6

Wrap up your letter by asking for the job: “This opportunity is exactly what I've been looking for, and I hope you find I’m the right candidate to join your team.”

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