Feeling Down When You Can't Find a Job

The job hunt can be daunting.
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It's only natural to feel defeated when the job hunt isn't turning up any promising prospects. So what are you to do when you feel as if you're getting nowhere on the career front? You'd be surprised at what you can accomplish during this time to shake those blues and start earning a decent living for yourself.

Create a Plan

Reflect on what you like to do, what makes you happy, and then create a strategy to make it happen to get yourself back on track not only for finding a new job, but finding out what really makes you tick. Maybe your last job made you miserable, but the paycheck made it bearable, so you never thought about how it affected you emotionally. You'll be amazed at how sitting down to create a plan for your life instead of hopping onto job search sites can save your sanity in the long run.

Find a Temp Agency

Until you find something steady, working a contract or temporary job can help keep you above water financially. You may even be able to snag a full time position by wowing an employer. Or, you may find that you like the variety of working for different employers instead of just one. Doing freelance work is another way to make money and build up your resume.

Work for Yourself

Have you been successful at making and selling items? Starting your own business might seem like just a dream to some people, but you can make it happen. You can find grants from local and national resources to fund your start-up if you do not want to risk taking out a business loan or spend your savings on anything but bills at this point. Also, log on to the Small Business Association's official website and get more information on writing your business plan. Head down to the Chamber of Commerce in the city where you plan to work to get some guidance on what steps you should take to make sure you're starting off on the right foot and find out what kind of business license you'll need. This takes a high level of commitment so if you see yourself as a long term business owner then don't let any unanswered questions get in your way.

Get Your Joy Back

One of the biggest losses -- besides the steady income, your office space, or even your own parking spot -- is your joy. It's crushing to lose a job or to leave a position and not be able to find a new one quickly. So, visit friends who always put a smile on your face, take that samba class that you've always wanted to but never had time for, finish your degree or spend time with your children.

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