Federal Police Jobs That Do Not Require a College Degree

Several federal police jobs offer on-the-job training.
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Federal police jobs offer good job security, decent salaries, and may be a good fit for someone who is interested in criminal law and is comfortable with a high level of responsibility. Though some federal law-enforcement positions require a bachelor’s or even a graduate degree, there are also several jobs where you only need a high school diploma or an associate degree.

Crime Prevention Specialist

    Crime prevention specialists are responsible for identifying potential crime risks and taking the necessary steps to decrease or completely eliminate the threat. While employed by the federal government, they often work closely with local law enforcement agencies and community groups. In order to become a crime prevention specialist, candidates often need to have one or two years of experience as a police officer. Individuals can also earn a Crime Prevention Specialist Certification through the National Crime Prevention Association and the U.S. Department of Justice. Salaries vary, but the mean wage is $51,000.

Evidence Technician

    The evidence technician career path may be a good choice for someone who enjoys hands-on work, as it sometimes involves visiting crime scenes to collect evidence, and then organizing, documenting, and transporting that evidence. Although some employers prefer candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in the sciences, the position is also open to individuals with a high school diploma or the equivalent. All new evidence technicians receive rigorous on-the-job training and are expected to work long hours on their feet. The median annual salary is $38,000.

First-Line Supervisor of Police and Detectives

    As the job title suggests, a first-line supervisor is responsible for supervising and coordinating members of the police force. Jobs are available at the local, state, and federal level, although the federal government offers the highest pay for this type of work. Candidates need at least a high school diploma and will often work in metropolitan areas with large police forces. The mean annual salary is $82,060, although first-line supervisors employed by the federal government make an average of $116,400 per year.

Federal Protective Services

    People who work in the federal protective services industry are tasked with providing security to federal work environments as well as evaluating and eliminating potential threats. Individuals working in this field will often have to handle high-tech security equipment. To apply, a candidate must be a U.S. citizen age 21 or older, have a valid driver’s license, and pass a physical examination. On-the-job training is provided at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and the median salary is $45,000.

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