How Fast Can You Notice a Difference When Doing Ab Workouts?

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Finally seeing the outcome from the hard work and discipline that goes into your abs workout can bring a welcome sigh of relief. Putting on that bikini to go to the beach becomes more appealing when your abdominal area is flat and toned. Many women who are just getting started with an ab workout wonder how long it will take to see the fruits of their labor. How quickly you begin to see results is linked to a few key factors.

The Right Routine

    A workout that is done a minimum of three to four times a week will produce faster results than a workout done three to four times a month. Additionally, the number of exercise repetitions, or reps, must challenge your body. For example, if you can do 50 crunches properly, selecting a workout routine that only has you do 25 crunches is not the best option. Some people naturally have stronger abs and will have to do more reps before noticing a difference.

    Joining a workout class can help keep you on a schedule.

Shedding the Fat

    Your abdominal area is covered by visceral and subcutaneous fat, commonly known as belly fat. The more belly fat you have, the harder it is to see your abs. Ab exercises will not help reduce the fat around your abs. A complete ab workout must include cardio exercises along with a healthy diet. Unfortunately, you cannot target specific body areas to lose weight, so you might lose fat in other areas in addition to your abs.

    Aerobic exercises help to burn calories.

Feeling Stronger

    A difference from doing an ab workout is noticed visually and felt physically. If you are completing an ab workout three times a week that maximizes the number of reps you can do, your abdominal core will start to become stronger and you will feel a difference within two weeks. A stronger abdominal core helps reduce the risk of back injury, but many women are focused on achieving abs that look stronger.

    Stronger abs equal more reps.

Finally Seeing a Difference

    How quickly you will achieve abs that look stronger will depend on how much belly fat is present. Some women have a harder time losing fat in this area, which will impede results. A woman with minimum belly fat who completes a proper ab workout three times a week will start to visually notice a difference within three weeks. Women with more body fat will have to spend additional time burning off the fat in the abdominal area.

    Reveal the results of your workout.

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