How to Be a FACC as a Doctor

The FACC credential is for a cardiologist already established in her career.
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A Fellow of the American College of Cardiology is someone who has demonstrated her exceptional knowledge and commitment to cardiovascular health. The American College of Cardiology is a prestigious professional organization that awards membership by election. Adding the FACC credential lets patients know that you've earned the respect of the best cardiologists in the world.

    Step 1

    Devote at least 75 percent of your time to the cardiovascular system, either in your practice or doing medical research. The FACC credential is available only to those who have devoted their careers to advancing cardiovascular health. You must have a full-time practicing or academic position in cardiovascular care to apply for the FACC credential.

    Step 2

    Make significant contributions to the field of cardiovascular care as demonstrated by a body of publications in the scientific or medical literature. Your publications will be reviewed by a board as part of your election as a Fellow of the ACC. New fellows are also expected to present cutting-edge research at the ACC annual scientific conference.

    Step 3

    Obtain letters of sponsorship from two current fellows holding the FACC credential. Ask colleagues or others who are very familiar with your professional activities and accomplishments for these letters. At least one sponsor must be in your current geographical location. You may obtain one sponsorship letter from someone who you worked with during your residency training.

    Step 4

    Complete the application form provided by the American College of Cardiology, also submitting complete documentation of the above-mentioned qualifications.


    • Membership in the ACC is also available to scientists, researchers and other health care professionals who have both devoted themselves to cardiovascular care and made significant contributions to the field.


    • Membership as a Fellow in Training is available for those still in residency.

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