Exercises for Reducing Neck Size

Aerobic exercises are an effective way to burn fat throughout your body.
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You might be able to hide your love handles by carefully selecting the right outfit, but neck fat is a completely different story. Instead of hoping turtlenecks will suddenly become trendy, take action by committing to exercise to shrink the size of your neck. Through regular exercise, you'll soon be proud of show off your strong, fat-free neck.

Burning Fat

    Any time you want to burn fat in any part of your body, the simple solution is to ensure your body's in a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit means you're consistently burning more calories than you're consuming, and is attainable through increasing the amount you exercise and decreasing your calorie consumption. When you're able to create a deficit of 3,500 calories, which MayoClinic.com notes is possible in a week, you'll lose a pound of fat. Keeping your body in a calorie deficit week after week can help you reduce your neck fat.

Spot Reduction

    It might be tempting to fill your exercise regimen solely with neck exercises or turn to infomercial products that claim to burn away neck fat. It's not possible, however, to perform any type of exercise that will target a fatty area in your body. The belief that you can target fat in a specific area by exercising the nearby muscles is a myth called spot reduction. Regular exercise will burn fat around your neck, but only in addition to other fat throughout your body.

Aerobic Exercise

    If you're determined to burn your neck fat quickly, ensure your workout regimen is full of aerobic exercises. In this type of exercise, you use multiple muscle groups and elevate your heart rate, which forces your body to burn calories quickly. The higher tempo you can maintain, the more calories you'll burn. Select exercises such as swimming, jogging, jumping rope and riding your bicycle; each exercise can burn hundreds of calories in a short duration. Spend at least 300 minutes each week performing these exercises.

Neck Exercises

    Although aerobic exercises will lead to a slimmer neck, incorporating some neck exercises in your workout regimen can strengthen your muscles and build a shapely neck. Tilt your head from front to back and then side to side to slowly increase the strength and flexibility of your neck. When you're comfortable with these basic exercises, use your hands to push lightly against your head to create some light resistance. In general, perform 10 reps of each of these exercises up to three times per day.

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