Exercises for a Larger Butt & Flat Stomach

Combining cardio with lower body weight-lifting can help you slim your stomach while building your butt.
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Exercising to build up your butt and slim your stomach may seem contradictory, but with a little hard work and dedication, you can meet both of your objectives. You'll need a carefully balanced diet of high-protein and low-calorie foods to keep you on track, alongside a workout plan that tactfully mixes cardio and lower body exercises. It may sound daunting at first, but here are a few basic rules of thumb to help you on your way.

Losing Weight and Gaining Muscle Simultaneously

    Losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time can be a bit tricky, but there are a few basic guidelines that should make things a bit easier to follow. When trying to lose weight and slim down, your primary concern should be calorie intake, and when you're trying to gain muscle, you should be focused on protein levels. To meet both requirements, all you need to do is eat protein-rich foods that don't have a lot of calories. Fish, chicken breast, and protein powder are all excellent food choices that fit the bill.

Exercises to Build Your Butt

    If you want a larger rear, there is one exercise that absolutely needs to be a part of your routine: the squat. The squat offers a ton of benefits to the lower body and glutes, and is completely scalable. Whether you're just starting out or have been lifting for years, the squat must be an integral component of your butt-building workout. Much like the squat, the deadlift is another excellent butt exercise that should be rotated into your routine regularly for maximum results. Start off with light weights, or none at all, to avoid injury while perfecting your form, and as your strength builds, bump up the resistance to match.

Exercises to Slim Your Stomach

    Contrary to popular belief, the best exercise for a slim stomach is not the crunch or sit-up. Crunches and sit-ups, while important for strengthening your core, will not help your body lose fat, which is the primary reason your abs may not be visible in the first place. If you want to slim your stomach, you'll need to do cardio regularly. Running, jogging, and bicycling are all excellent examples of cardiovascular exercise that will get your heart rate into the fat-burning zone and help you lose inches around your stomach. Try to get at least half an hour of cardio exercise in per day, and keep your diet in check for best results.

How to Avoid Injuries and Overtraining

    If you're running everyday and pushing yourself in the squat rack at the gym throughout the week, your legs may be prone to overtraining and injuries. Don't get knocked off track by an avoidable injury or burn out. Keep training the rest of your body while spending a little extra time on your target areas to keep your body well-rested and balanced. Avoid excessive amounts of cardio to keep your butt's progress on track, and mix up your routine frequently to keep overtraining and boredom at bay.

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