Exercises for Seniors to Get Up From a Chair to Standing

Building your muscles to help you stand can let you continue an active lifestyle.
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Standing up after sitting in a chair can become difficult as you age, especially after an injury or surgery. Once you've recovered enough to begin exercising, start slowly to build up the muscles necessary for you to stand. Perform some of these exercises while sitting to help build the muscles necessary to pull you into a standing position.


Your stomach muscles help pull your hips upward and stabilize your back while you stand up from a sitting position. Warm up and strengthen these muscles by performing a sit-and-reach exercise. Scoot forward on the chair and extend your legs in front of you. Lift your arms over your head and bend at the waist, leaning forward to touch your toes. Engage your abdominal muscles to pull yourself straight in the chair, keeping your arms straight over your head. If you can't reach your toes when you start this exercise, touch your shins, then your ankles, and work your way to the toes.

Thighs and Buttocks

You can work your legs and gluteus muscles while still sitting to prepare your body for standing up. Set your feet hip width apart on the floor and hold your back straight. Press down with your heels, tightening your leg and buttocks muscles. Hold for three seconds, then release.


Work out your legs by sitting in a chair with your feet on the floor. Lift one leg as high as you can; it should be at least parallel to the floor, although lifting it higher so your thigh leaves the seat is best. Repeat with the other leg. Work the back of your legs by standing behind the chair and holding onto it for balance. Lift one leg behind you while keeping your back straight, then repeat with the other leg.

Chair Squats

When you've warmed up your muscles, doing chair squats is the best exercise to help you stand up out of a chair without a struggle. Place several pillows on the chair seat, then stand in front of the chair with your back to it. Bend your knees and lower your body until your buttocks touch the pillows, then stand back up. Start by having someone hold your hands for balance, then work your way up to doing the squats with your hands in front of you or crossed over your chest. Remove one pillow at a time as you gain strength, forcing your body to squat lower. Continue until you are squatting down to the chair seat before lifting your body again to a standing position.

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