Exercise to Target Belly Fat Above the Belly Button

Stand up straight and hold your abs tight when exercising for best results.
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The key to reducing fat above the belly button is to strength train the entire abdominals and obliques targeting the upper abs and to do cardio to reduce excess fat. Variations of the crunch workout different parts of the abdominal muscles, but any toned muscle you build above the belly button will not be visible if you do not lose any layers of fat.

Cardio and Weight Loss

Any muscle you build will be obscured if you do not balance cardio with healthy eating habits to expel more calories than you take in. It is not possible to spot-target weight loss to just this area, but a full-body cardio workout and eating right will cause you to lose weight throughout your body. Fuel your workout and your weight loss with a diet rich in lean meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.


Do an hour of cardio four to five days a week. At the gym, try the stair climber, elliptical and stationary bike to see which you prefer. Each of these machines provides an excellent workout if you maintain your form and your intensity. The stair climber is the biggest calorie burner, but the elliptical many people consider to be the most natural exercise as it mimics jogging except is low-impact with rotating foot pads. The elliptical machine also has swinging arm bars that work your upper body. The stationary bike is a good choice for those who have substantial weight to lose, sitting removes supporting your body weight from the effort allowing you to focus on the exercise and gain stamina. In each of these exercises, sit and stand straight, not slouched and hold your abs tight to get maximum benefit.

Strength Training

Crunches and their variations give a highly effective abdominal workout. To do a standard crunch, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Place your hands at either side of your neck, lightly touching. Slowly lift your chest and shoulders off the ground, being careful to lead with your chest and not your head. Use your fingers to check if your neck is tensed in the movement. If so, readjust until it is relaxed and in line with your back. The standard crunch works your entire abdominal area.

Variations On The Crunch

To target your strength training on your upper abdomen add variations of the standard crunch, such as the bicycle crunch, side crunch, reverse crunch and double crunch. This will spread the workout to focus on your obliques along the sides of your stomach and the upper abdominal area. If you are new to exercise, do two sets of 12 standard, reverse and double crunches to begin. As you acclimate to this workout add in the bicycle and side crunch to your routine.

Safety and Tips

As with any new workout, learn to listen to your body's stress signals. If you have substantial weight to lose, or joint or other health concerns, consult your doctor before starting this routine. Also, avoid burnout by giving yourself a day of rest between crunch workout routines. An abdominal workout to the uninitiated can be intense, so give yourself time to acclimate. You will enjoy the final results.

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