The Best Exercise Tips to Reduce Lower Stomach Fat

Reducing lower stomach fat is essential for good health.

Reducing lower stomach fat is essential for good health.

Lower stomach fat poses a problem for your overall health. While it is not the fat you can pinch between your fingers on your belly that's the issue, the presence of this subcutaneous fat often indicates that there is visceral fat surrounding the abdominal organs. This points to an increased risk of many diseases including heart disease, diabetes and stroke, according to Harvard Health Publications. Following a set of exercise tips to reduce your lower stomach fat is essential -- along with adhering to a low calorie diet -- for maintaining or improving your health.

Cardiovascular Exercise

According to Harvard Health Publications, the best tip for losing lower stomach fat is to perform cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. At least 30 minutes a day is recommended to burn enough calories to reduce your waistline. Spot reduction doesn't work, so a whole body approach is essential if you wish to lose weight from your lower midsection or anywhere else on your body. Examples of moderate cardiovascular exercises include jogging, biking and swimming.


Once you've added cardiovascular activity to your routine, you can start integrating isometric exercises, which will build your core strength without building muscle mass, according to STACK. Planks are an excellent exercise to build core strength. They are performed by holding a pushup where your weight is supported on your forearms, according to ExRx.net.

Hanging Abdominal Leg Raises

According to ShapeFit.com, another one of the best exercise tips to follow for reducing lower stomach fat is to perform the hanging abdominal leg raise. This exercise involves hanging from a pull-up bar then drawing your knees up until they are in line with your midsection. Focusing on tightening your core during this exercise will increase its effectiveness and help to flatten your lower belly.

Exercise Ball Crunches

Lastly, performing exercise ball crunches are another tip offered by ShapeFit.com for reducing lower stomach fat. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on an exercise ball with your feet flat so that your thighs form a tabletop. From there, you should perform a regular crunch but remain conscious of your back rolling up and down across the ball. ShapeFit.com offers an added tip: tighten your abdominals at the top of the crunch to increase its effectiveness.

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