Do Exercise Stomach Wraps Work?

Stomach wraps create short-term results.
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Getting slim abs quickly is every woman's dream. After all, why spend hours in the gym and months staying away from your favorite guilty-pleasure foods when a magic band can do the trick? Though wraps and bands promise an easy weight-loss solution for melting away stomach fat, there's a little more to learn about whether this method lives up to the hype.

The Claims

    Used for centuries in Asia and Europe, belly wraps are popular among new moms looking for a quick way to get back into their pre-baby jeans. These bands and wraps are popular weight-loss items worn frequently throughout the day post-partum or as an additional tool to wear to the gym. Brands like Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt and Cinch claim to help compress the torso and tighten the stomach with little to no work after frequent wear.

Water vs. Fat

    Despite the various claims of grandeur that stomach wraps help you lose weight, the sweat that you see on your wrap after a workout isn't necessarily burning fat from your abdominals. Similar to wearing a body suit during your workouts, wraps help to eliminate water weight. Unfortunately, these results are usually temporary and don't help you shed the long-term weight you're probably looking for.

Not a Substitute for Exercise

    The wrap, though maybe effective for many, doesn't mark the end for your fitness routine. Proper diet and exercise is still the most effective method for helping to reduce abdominal fat and burn overall body fat. Regular exercise and healthy habits cannot be replaced by wearing a wrap. So brace yourself, ladies. You're still going to have to put in the work to get the results you're looking for.


    Wrapping your body in any device that prevents you from letting sweat and heat out can be dangerous. The body naturally uses sweat to cool you down and keep you from overheating. Wearing products like a stomach wrap or body suit can cause your body to overheat, which can lead to a variety of potential negative side effects like dizziness, weakness, confusion, coma and even death.

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