What Exercise Machine Helps Your Inner Thighs?

Cardio exercises help slim thighs.
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So you want to help your inner thighs. Welcome to the club. Women from all walks of life are familiar with this little scene: stand up straight, feet together. If the tops of your thighs touch, oh-oh, that’s considered bad by many women. Having a nice separation in that area so the thighs will stop rubbing together while walking is a common goal. Machines are available to help your inner thighs, but you must know what your goal is.

Hip Adductor and Hip Abductor Machines

    The muscles on your inner thighs are the adductor muscles. A standard machine at most gyms, the adductor machine, works the adductor muscles -- what else, right? You sit down at the machine, open your legs and then squeeze them together using resistance. This machine is usually next to the abductor machine, which works the outer thighs. You start with your legs together on this one, and push them away from each other.

How They Help

    The hip adductor and abductor machines work your inner and outer thighs. Unless you really need stronger inner and outer thighs, possibly for horseback or motorcycle riding, these machines -- or any machines that spot train your inner and outer thighs -- might not be for you. Spot training your thighs won’t do a whole lot of good for slimming legs. In fact, using machines to spot train your thighs will likely build your inner and outer thigh muscles, giving you bigger legs. If your goal is to slim your legs, these machines are probably not the best choices. Cardio exercises are typically better for that.

Cable Pulls

    You can work your inner thighs using a pulley machine. Put a hand attachment on the lower section of the machine; you will use the attachment for your foot. Set the weights for how heavy you like them. Standing sideways to the machine, put the foot closest to the weights in the hand attachment so that it wraps around your ankle. Move your heel across your body so that it crosses in front of your other foot. Do 12 to 15 repetitions, and repeat with the other foot.

Leg Lift With Medicine Ball

    The leg lift using a medicine ball exercise, while for your inner thighs, doesn’t use a machine -- just a softball-sized medicine ball. Lie on your side, and put the medicine ball between your ankles. While on your right side, rest your head on your bent right arm, and use your left arm to balance yourself. Keep your legs straight, and lift them a few inches. Lower your legs almost to ground, but don’t touch the ground. Do 12 to 15 repetitions, and repeat while lying on your left side.

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