Exercise Equipment That Works the Inside of Your Thighs

Ankle weights provide resistance, and build stamina and muscle mass.
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Your hip adductors -- or inner thighs -- are tricky spots to tone. You can do countless lower-body exercises -- lunges and squats, for example -- and get a killer backside and taunt thighs in return. But unless you target those adductors, your inner thighs still will waddle about. Use some inexpensive exercise equipment and eliminate the jiggle.

Exercises Using Dumbbells

Two classic inner thigh exercises -- the plie squat and deep side lunge -- get an extra splash of toning power with the addition of dumbbells. When using dumbbells with these exercises, don't use more than 1 pound or 1 1/2 pounds to begin and increase the weight as your body adjusts. Begin a side lunge by grabbing one dumbbell. Stand hip-width apart with the dumbbell at chest level, both hands surrounding it. Take a large step to the left and bend your left knee 90 degrees. As you do, bend forward and put the weight on the floor and stay in this position for two seconds. Stand and then bring your left leg in. Repeat this sequence on the right side, this time picking up the weight. Continue repetitions for two minutes.

Ankle Weights

Bent-leg raises, knee flexion and hip adductions are go-to exercises for strengthening the inner thigh. Adding ankle weights -- those that secure to the ankles with Velcro or snaps -- offer added resistance, making your muscles work even harder. Begin by choosing a light ankle weight -- 1 pound should do it -- you're able to do more repetitions with ease. To target the inner thigh, work through some hip adductions with your ankle weights on. Lie on your side with your legs stacked on top of each other. Take the top leg, bend it and cross it over the bottom leg. Raise your bottom leg six to eight inches from the floor, holding it there for five seconds. Lower the leg and rest for two seconds between reps. Begin with eight reps, working until your thigh is fatigued.

Stability Ball Squeezes

Tighten your inner thighs while doing just about anything -- watching TV , eating lunch, even sitting at your desk -- with stability ball squeezes. You'll want to buy a quality, durable rubber stability ball because your thighs have the potential to pack a punch. While sitting, scoot yourself to the edge of the chair and place the ball between your thighs. Make sure it's snug between your mid thigh and not near your knees. Next, squeeze your legs together, holding for a second before relaxing the legs. Continue repetitions, aiming for 10, and add repetitions as you get stronger.

Exercises Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are cheap, portable and versatile and are an ideal exercise equipment for toning the inner thighs. Once you have them, you'll appreciate them in your personal fitness arsenal. Switch things up and replace your ankle weights for a resistance band when doing hip adductors. They can be done lying down or standing up. Also, try lateral walks -- where you take large steps to the sides while walking with added resistance from the bands.

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