Exercise Equipment for Abs & Lovehandles

Getting rid of love handles involves plenty of exercise and low-calorie foods.
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Many women call their midsection a problem spot. Excess fat that hangs over your waistline, also known as love handles, increases the risk of several health conditions, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Choosing the right exercise equipment is a good first step in slimming down your abdomen and protecting your health. Many pieces of equipment are good options for home use, but can be found in most gyms as well.

Stability Ball

    A stability ball challenges your balance, which activates the muscles in your midsection. This makes it an ideal addition to your slim down routine. A stability ball enhances the benefits of many moves while adding the core benefits at the same time. Do crunches or trunk rotations while lying on your back to target your stomach muscles. Squat and reach exercises, reverse crunches, bridges and planks with a stability ball are other options that help you get rid of love handles and tone your middle.


    Many people think of arm workouts when it comes to dumbbells, but holding them while you do abdominal exercises increases the benefit and could contribute to love handle fat loss. Hold dumbbells while doing squats, crunches and sit ups to increase the challenge. Making your body weigh more by holding weights makes your stomach work harder to raise your body from a squat or lying down position. If you are new to dumbbells, start with a low pound load and increase your weight size as you gain strength and endurance.

Medicine Ball

    A medicine ball differs from a stability ball because it is weighted rather than simply being filled with air. Medicine balls are generally held in your hands during a workout and aren't large enough to lie or sit on, unlike a stability ball. Holding a medicine ball throws off your center of gravity a bit, which activates your core muscles as you compensate to stay upright. This makes them valuable tools for creating definition around your midsection. Use them to do medicine ball slams, wood chops, standing lifts, lunges, chest presses and trunk rotations, all of which target your abdominal muscles.

Resistance Bands

    A resistance band increases resistance for your muscles when doing strength-training moves. Many people choose bands because they are portable, don't take up a lot of room and are versatile in terms of use. Many moves that target your abdominal muscles are enhanced with resistance bands, making them an ideal addition to your exercise equipment arsenal. Use them to do standing hip adductions, leg raises, trunk rotations and standing chest presses, moves that work your waist while also working your arms and legs.

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