How to Exercise in Your Apartment Without Being Noisy

Exercise doesn't have to mean making enemies of your neighbors.
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Exercising is always an ingredient in the recipe for a healthy life, but your exercise routine might also irritate your neighbors. If your apartment walls are hopelessly thin or you live directly over someone else, you might live in terror of a complaint or even getting evicted. You don't have to pound the walls to exercise, though, and exercise can be a part of quiet apartment life.

Exercise Equipment

    If you're a dedicated strength trainer, squeaky weights and loud crashes can irritate your neighbors. To cushion the noise of weights being set down, try getting some rubber mats to put on your floor, and ensure you don't slam weights down after a workout. If your weights are squeaky, make sure everything is screwed tightly together and try adding oil to reduce squeakiness. Weights consisting of one piece, such as kettlebells, are less likely to produce a nails-on-the-chalkboard sound that will drive your neighbors crazy. A doorway pullup bar can help you do body weight exercises without creating a loud thud.

Running and Jumping

    Aerobic exercise such as an aerobics video or a run on the treadmill is good for your health, but can irritate your neighbors if you live on the second floor. Repetitive stepping can make loud crashing noises, so steer clear of indoor routines that require you to run, jump or make repeated and forceful steps. Instead, move your aerobic routine outside. Take a brisk walk around your apartment complex or go for a bike ride in the neighborhood.

Music and Videos

    If you need music to get you pumped for exercise or rely on fitness videos, your neighbors might resent you, particularly if you're working late at night. Invest in a good pair of wireless headphones that allow you to listen to your workout music or video without waking your neighbors or getting caught in a long headphone cord. Before you put on your headphones, though, check your workout routine to ensure you're not making stomping or crashing sounds.

Good Indoor Routines

    If you're hoping to move your routine entirely indoors, calisthenics and weight training can play a significant part in your goals. These routines make less noise, and repeated calisthenics can give you a decent aerobic workout. If you love running but don't want to venture outside, a quiet treadmill placed on top of padding can reduce noise while still helping you sneak in your regular cardio routine. Walking up and down the stairs inside your apartment or in your apartment building can also give you the cardio you need.

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