Examples for How to Explain SAP Experience for an Interview

Strong SAP skills can lead to a successful job interview.
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SAP is one of the premier providers of Enterprise Resource Planning software for Fortune 500 companies. SAP, or Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, is a highly integrated and complex system of business modules that basically run a company. Experience working in an SAP environment is valuable and the breadth of this experience can cover many areas. Make sure to toot your own horn when explaining what you know.

Transactional Experience

    Completing a task in SAP requires utilizing specific transactions. Don’t gloss over the details. Instead of noting that you know SAP order entry, elaborate on all this encompasses -- such as material returns, customer complaints, sales adjustments and inventory review. Also, there may be several ways to navigate through the SAP screens and an experienced user will know the shortcuts. Make sure you share those tips at interview time.

SAP Reporting

    Another area a user should highlight in an interview is experience using Business Warehouse.This is SAP’s reporting module, and it is a powerful tool to report real-time metrics to business management. These metrics are one of the premier reasons companies install SAP, so knowing how to extract information for reporting purposes is of critical importance. Provide examples of how you are able to query, filter and analyze a report to a granular level and your stock will rise as a job candidate.

Blueprinting and Testing

    Any company moving to an SAP platform needs to perform upfront prep work to ensure a successful go-live. If you have worked in this environment, you know about blueprinting the users’ needs and testing to ensure the software’s stability. This experience is priceless to a company that knows little about the SAP integration process, so you should highlight the positives and negatives you have encountered and note enhancements you would recommend if you were running the project.

Teamwork is Key

    As an experienced SAP user you should stress your ability to partner with SAP consultants and other users to ensure a smooth flowing system. An issue with any SAP module could have downstream effects on other modules and communication across the organization is a key element. Highlight your experience working within teams, especially if it is global experience, to get the job done.

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