Examples of Dedication & Devotion in the Workplace

Committed employees show appreciation to their coworkers and clients.
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A company’s workers are its most valuable assets. The quality of your staff directly affects your company’s efficiency and profits. Therefore, supervisors must identify which employees are dedicated and devoted and then encourage their professional and leadership development. There are several ways to spot this type of employee.

Exceed Expectations

    All companies and organizations have standards set in place that their employees are expected to follow. Devoted and dedicated workers exceed these expectations. For example, if the need arises, these employees are willing to come in early, stay late and even take work home. This doesn’t necessarily mean these employees are workaholics. Rather, they understand that sometimes it takes extra effort to get a task or project done on deadline. These workers aren’t likely to ask for additional praise or compensation for their extra effort and time because they are naturally committed to getting the job done properly and on time.


    Dedicated and devoted workers respect company time and make it a point to remain busy while on the clock. You won’t find these employees wasting time with small talk or hanging around the water cooler. Even after they finish a big project, they’re quick to find another way to be productive. These workers also look ahead to be sure they are prepared for upcoming duties and events. They anticipate needs and possible problems as well as create and implement plans to address those needs.

Interest in Company

    Loyal and committed employees are genuinely interested in their company’s success. They do whatever they can to support the company’s mission and goals. These workers follow company policy without complaint. They also care about their company’s performance and growth. For example, a dedicated and devoted employee won’t let personal problems or a bad day interfere with her professionalism or work. She also looks for ways to improve her skills in a way that best serves the company.

Interest in People

    Since devoted and dedicated workers sincerely care about their company, they also care about the people they work with, including colleagues and customers. They volunteer to help coworkers who have fallen behind and are committed to giving a high level of customer service. They also are encouraging, helpful and empowering and focus on maintaining a happy and harmonious office environment. You won’t find these employees involved in malicious office gossip or criticizing others. Instead, they focus their time and energy on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

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