Entry MBA Jobs

Many employers recruiting MBA graduates for entry-level roles want a few years' corporate experience as well.
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A Master’s in Business Administration is an advanced degree that signifies the graduate's ambition to enter the corporate c-suite. Entrepreneur Stephen Greer, writing in the Harvard Business Review, says that an MBA program can give graduates “valuable tools to ... increase the probabilities of success," such as human resource skill sets, and knowledge of compensation systems, strategy, finance and marketing.

Corporate Manager

Management graduates with an MBA can access corporate graduate management programs. Microsoft runs Microsoft Academy for College Hires, a program that places the graduate in an entry-level MBA role and provides support in adapting to a corporate position. It also offers an opportunity to work with senior corporate managers and a global network of peers. Although these roles and programs are entry-level for MBA graduates, Microsoft expects several years of corporate experience.


According to a Spring 2013 survey by the MBA Careers and Employers Alliance, new businesses in web and mobile technology are increasingly looking for MBA graduates.There's been a 57 percent increase in on-campus recruitment of recent MBA graduates by new companies. Much of this recruitment is done via business school networks, with graduate entrepreneurs recruiting their MBA peers. Additionally, MBA graduates themselves are applying their business skills and knowledge to setting up their own businesses. In these cases, their initial role can be CEO.

Management Consulting

Management consultancies have MBA intake programs. These programs will place the MBA graduate in an entry-level role working on real projects. They will also continue business training with the focus on developing a consultant who's compatible with the company outlook and culture. Management consultancy Accenture has its own university for staff development: the Accenture Management Consulting University. Management consulting offers the graduate a way of directly applying ideas learned in business school to real-world projects with blue chip clients.


Financial organizations have graduate recruitment programs like Goldman Sachs' New Associate program. But like many similar programs, they will expect two to five years of experience for an MBA entry-level role. Additionally, they will expect a knowledge of their products and services as well as an understanding of the company's culture. Depending on the company, recruits might have the option of working internationally.

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