How to Enter Your Height & Weight Into a Treadmill

Entering height and weight on the treadmill helps to track calories burned.
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Treadmills have more accurate algorithms to determine calories burned than other types of cardio equipment, according to the American Council on Exercise. Using the treadmill monitor allows you to track calories burned, heart rate and distance traveled. But in order to accurately determine the number of calories you're burning and help you maintain a consistent heart rate, the machine needs to know your height and weight.

Entering Height and Weight into the Treadmill

    Step 1

    Push the "Start" or "On" button to turn the treadmill on.

    Step 2

    Begin slowly stepping on the treadmill, as some machines require motion to activate the monitor.

    Step 3

    Enter your current height and weight into the monitor. Some machines provide "up" and "down" arrows to allow you to scroll through the numbers, while others provide a numbered keypad or touch screen.

    Step 4

    Enter your age if the treadmill monitor has this category. Providing your age will help the machine produce a better estimate of calories burned and target heart rate.

    Step 5

    Enter the time you'd like to work out, if your treadmill provides this option.

    Step 6

    Select any other categories on your treadmill monitor for which you'd like to enter information. Most treadmills will allow you to increase/decrease the incline and the speed/intensity of the workout. Additionally, some have preset programs that you can select -- for example, you might be able to choose a program to burn calories (usually called "weight loss" or "calorie burn") or to maintain a steady exercising heart rate (usually called "constant heart rate" or "heart rate control").

    Step 7

    Begin your workout. During this time, watch the screen to monitor your calories burned, distance traveled and/or heart rate, if provided. The information that you input at the beginning helps to determine these statistics. At the end of your workout, most treadmills will provide a screen with a summary of your workout statistics.


    • Accurate height and weight are essential to determining both heart rate and calories. For example, a 200-pound person will burn about 755 calories running at 5 mph for one hour, while a 160-pound person will burn 606 calories, according to the Mayo Clinic. Don't lie about your height and weight -- working out is not the time to be shy or embarrassed.


    • Make sure to begin your treadmill workout with light cardio and begin and end with stretching. Drink plenty of water before, during and after using the treadmill.

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